Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Other Fantasy Series

As Promised in yesterday's note. . . .

While I’m working on my Death Throne novel, I’ve been working on and off on another project of mine for years, a Urban Fantasy series (Yes, series -- I have two half written novels and a completed short story so far, so yes a series). It’s about a normal guy who suddenly finds himself in the position of taking the family business — Merlin’s Heir. Now, a word from the main character:
My name is Roger Merlin, and I am the fortieth person to assume the mantle of Merlin’s Heir. Yes, that Merlin. I didn’t want the job — hell, I didn’t even apply for it. But it’s mine, and like it or not, I have to do it.

Why? Because someone needs to help defend humanity against those things that go bump in the night. and there’s plenty of them. Demons, evil spirits, werewolves (Fur, fangs, and really bad breath), vampires (Non-sparkly and vicious to boot) and nearly anything you can think of. I have my teacher, my snarky familiar and the best intelligence network on the planet to help me and Allies of Light (Pretentious title I know, but most of the other good ones are copyrighted) to call upon and be called on to help.

So, assuming I can get this all written down and translated into readable English, I will see about getting them published. In the meanwhile, if there’s a monster under the bed, don’t worry – sooner or later, I’ll be in the area.
        Roger Merlin

That’s the series in a nutshell. I'm 90,000+ words into the first novel and I attempted to write the second one during the NaNo WriMo event (I failed, but did get 42,000+ words of the first draft down.) I also have a short story done that I may extend into a novella sometime down the road. Still working out the details, as I bounced through the series I have planned. Now back to writing!


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