Thursday, December 27, 2012

My writing goals for 2013

2012 was not much of a year for my original writing. While I did complete the NaWriNoMo event, in November, and I’m still working on that novel (77,500 words on the first draft as of this minute)

A couple of writing podcasts say you should set goals, and that’s what this post is about — setting goals and posting them somewhere in the hope that doing it publicly will generate some internal momentum when it comes to writing.

So, my goals for 2013 in my original writing program:

1) Finish all three novels I have half-written. (Minimum of a First Draft for each one)
2) Develop the world and backgrounds on two of the other series which I have ideas for.
3) Continue learning from self-publishing websites and podcasts.
4) Try outlining and structuring a fourth novel (I’m a blank-page type of writer, but I do have an one-off novel that I can work out the novel’s structure before I actually write word one.
5) Write four to six blog posts a month on the subject of being a writer from a newcomer’s perspective.

So, those are my writing goals for 2013. Too much or too little?


(Addition: I have set my Word goal for 2013 to 450,000 words. So, here we go!)

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