Monday, February 8, 2016

Murphy was a Writer

I really have to stop saying things.......

I've been sick most of the week. First, a 24-hour stomach virus, follow right on its heels by a cold, which I am still suffering through, sucking on a cough drop right this minute so I can write this entry up without hacking up all over the place.

It wasn't a completely  forgotten week. I did manage to outline two move chapters in The Assassin Prince. That puts me at Chapter 17, and it's an action chapter, which mean blocking out the action. I have the traces of the plot-lines for the next several chapters after that, so that will get done once I can stop coughing long enough to write them out.

I've also have the basics of the setting --- the type of society the heroes running around in, and one of its neighbor empires. Bits and pieces of the political situation are beginning to fall into place, as is the type of magic used in each society. Characters are falling into place, and new one are beginning to form. I don't have the technology level quite nailed down --- I am flirting with the idea of having weapons like matchlocks/flintlocks, but the idea isn't in stone yet. I have to see how the story flows first before I can decide one way or the other.

So, not much on the page, but much more in the mind. Other ideas for different series are popping up, but they're on index cards for a later time. The Assassin Prince is what I need to work on before looking at the other ideas.

That's all for tonight. I'm off to bed!


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