Monday, April 4, 2016

Why Three Novels at the Same Time?

Because I'm a sucker for punishment?

I don't know. I've worked on multiple Batteletech stories at the same time, writing in several in a single session. I guess it might because being able to switch between projects allows me to stay fresh. I'm not sure it's going to work for novels, but I want to have all three outlined, researched and ready to go to should I need to.

For me, outlining is the hard part --- it's giving the story a rough form --- who did what, and what happened next. The finished outline is a slab of rock -- the writing is the forming of the story details, so it goes from rock slab to completed sculpture. Hard because I am so use to hammering the keys and having only a vague idea of how the story is going to go.

I was told by a fellow writer I should concentrate on one novel at a time. Maybe I will, But I like having that option to have something else I can work on should I become bogged down on the current one.

Am I finding any surprises in the outlining stage? Yes. Darkness of Shadows was only a vague idea when I started outlining, yet that one is forming faster than the other two, background-wise. I may have that one as the go-to should my writing of  The Assassin Prince bog down for some reason. (Which is why I'm outlining all three, to keep the writing on-track.)

My plan to have a couple of three novels in the outline stage at any one, ready to be slotted in should I finish a novel or get bogged down on it. Different genres should help separate them, forcing me to think about it as I write.

That's all for tonight. I see you in another week or so.


The writing update:

The Assassin Prince --- Outline (through Chapter 29)
The Darkness of Shadows --- Outline (through Chapter 14)
Operation: Broken Chains --- Outline (through Chapter 18)

Not as much as I hope, but I was invited to pitch for an anthology, so I was working on that. Still, I did make progress on all three.

When I say "Through Chapter X," That means completed chapters. Each of the novels has partially outlined chapters which are not included in the totals above. Any feedback will be welcomed.


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