Monday, January 14, 2013

Word Count update # 2

This last week was a very good one for the writing goals. I exceeded my daily goals on six out of the seven days, several times by more than five hundred words. I wrote some in four different Battlecorps stories, and in two original novels. Merlin's Courtship is over 86,000 words, and while I see the need to change some things, I intend to push on and complete the first draft before making any major changes. As for Mind Wipe, I am close to finishing up the first chapter. In part, it's world-building on the fly and not for the faint-hearted.

Anyway, the stats for the week:

Battlecorps words written this week: 6,500
Original words written this week: 5,564
Total words written for this week: 12,064
Target word count for this week: 8,995(seven days @ 1,285 words/day)
Over/under word count for the week: + 3,069 words
Over/under word count for the year: + 2,745words

So, a good second week, and I will try to keep it going!



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