Monday, January 21, 2013

Word Count update #3

I hate colds!

I was having a good week writing until I developed a cold over the weekend that wiped out Sunday and still be a probelm this week. So, between Zinc drops, cough drops, and a couple of other medcine, I trying to fight this cold off, with little effect.

Which is a pity, because this was shaping up to be a good week. While I didn't my target for the first two days, they were by small amounts. The four days made up for the missed targets the first two days, but Sunday came and I could only write less than two hundred words.

So, I'm posting this, then I'm going back to bed
Anyway, the stats for the week:
Battlecorps words written this week: 4,854
Original words written this week: 4,261
Total words written for this week: 9,115
Target word count for this week: 8,995(seven days @ 1,285 words/day)
Over/under word count for the week:+120 words
Over/under word count for the year: + 2,865 words

And now bed calls....


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