Monday, June 23, 2014

Back on Track --- Hopefully

The last two weeks have been stressful on the family. The relative is now in a long-term care facility closer to us, and it's now a matter of closing out their personal matters. The time and mental toll has been rough, especially on some of us, but we can now see the end of the tunnel. It means I can get back to writing more regularly and on stories.

When I have been writing, it's been finishing up a few extra odds and ends for Catalyst Games Lab's Valiant RPG. So I was reading comic books, looking for every detail I needed to get the assignments. After that were done, it was short burst of writing, usually at night before I went to bed -- less than two thousand words this past week on my current stories projects.

But this week has gotten off to a better start --- a thousand words to begin the week, and more time should mean more words. My aim is to get 5,000 --- 7,000 words this week, so I going to be busy this week.

That's it, back to work!


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