Monday, July 14, 2014

Real Life --- Bleh!

"Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans."
--- Alan Saunders


We're finally getting back for what passes as normal around here, After a couple of moves, we may have found a place for our relative. The last two weeks has been hard on us, as we finish tiding up the relative's estate, Once everything is settle, we can move on with our own household.

My writing has been spotty --- writing in bursts, followed by a couple of days of little or no writing. As I look at my white board, I'm supposed to have 136,000 words written for the period covering April to July, Right now, I'm at 48,013 words. I'm supposed to have eight short stories done by the end of the Month (Two per month), but I have none done. African Firestorm is plotted up to Chapter 48, into Chapter 49.

But I have been doing some writing, and the Valiant RPG should be ready sometime in the near future. I also did something for the BT Line Developer, and I'm waiting for feedback from that. (But since he's also the Valiant RPG LD, he's busy trying to get that book out the door. We're still looking into cloning him.)

So, my plan is still the same -- get butt into chair, write, edit and get other people's feedback. But Life keep getting in the way. So I have to push Life away long enough to get the writing done. It's not a complaint, just an observation,

So, I'm back and hopefully blogging away again. It's short column this time, but once I have something to write about, I will post it with great glee.


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