Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Who am I?

On urging from Rick Chesler, I established both an Amazon and Smashword Author's page. But when it came to writing a bio for both sites, I stopped dead. A Bio? Of me?

That honestly threw me. Who am I?

That isn't an easy question to answer. I have had a quiet life where nothing big has happened to me. I was never in the military, never worked for any government, never been in a place where people were trying to kill me. In short, if you're looking for a life to emulate, look elsewhere.

A quick Bio: Born in Philadelphia, spent several years living in England, where I learned about Tea, Doctor Who, and soccer. Lived in Maryland, where I graduated from high school and community college. I've lived in Florida for the last fifteen years. I was an Eagle Scout and a member of the Order of the Arrow. I took matial arts when I was younger, but missed becoming a black belt. I don't drink, take drugs and my politics are my own, though I do hold strong views on political matters. Not much to write about is it?

I'm on safer footing with my writing. Like a lot of writers, I started with fanfiction, then went from there. I'm currently a freelancer writer for Catalyst Game Labs, where I've written for both the Battletech Gaming line (Both short stories and gaming projects) and the Valiant Comics RPG line. I've had twenty-three stories published on the Battlecorps site, and have acted as a fact-checker and proofreader on different Catalyst projects. I've  nearly written three other novels, but Outcast Ops: African Firestorm is my first complete novel.

I love reading, else I wouldn't want to be a writer. I have over a thousand books in my personal fiction library, ranging from science fiction, to mysteries, to action-adventures and thrillers. My favorite authors are Jim Butcher, Clive Cussler, David Weber, David Drake, and Rex Stout. I also have a collection of non-fiction, in subjects like Chess, Martial arts, military history and biographies, weapons, and science. I like anime and manga.

I like old radio and other audio plays. My music likes are soundtracks, with a few "best of" albums thrown in. My DVDs generally run the gambit through anime, Sci-Fi TV series, movies I like, and a few Kung-Fu movies.

I'm an introvert, which explains why I can say all this here, because I wouldn't say any of this to anyone in person. Large crowds make me uncomfortable. I can cook well enough to function in the kitchen. In short, I'm a normal person.

So, that's me. Not much to work with for a bio, huh?


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