Sunday, May 10, 2015

Outcast Ops: Red Ice is a Go!

Rick Chesler got back to me a lot quicker than I expected and he gave me the go ahead to start writing Outcast Ops: Red Ice!

So, starting tomorrow, I will be working on the novel. I expect to be working on it during the mornings, while other writing projects will be worked on during the afternoons. I will be keeping you updated on my progress. While I won't be able to work on it every morning, I will endeavor to put in at least five morning a week and keep you updated.

Unlike African Firestorm, I didn't do the in-depth research for Red Ice when I wrote the outline. Instead, I will be researching as needed. I do have some research left over from African Firestorm that I can use for Red Ice. I'm going to be looking at Google Maps a lot, as the area where the action takes place I've never been anywhere near.

I'm excited about this new novel, and I hope you will be too!



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