Monday, November 16, 2015

Red Ice and NaWriNoMo

I should have posted this last week, but I got caught up in NaWriNoMo.....

Anyway, Outcast Ops: Red Ice is out and available for you to wither buy (or to borrow) at Amazon. The link is here: Outcast Ops: Red Ice.

It's great seeing Red Ice finally out. It was more of a challenge to write. It's longer, more involved and a lot more action than African Firestorm. I hope that you read it and enjoy it. If you do, I have done my part as a writer, Rick has done his part and everyone wins. It's off to a great start, steady in the mid-40K ranking, but I really want to see it go higher. So please do your part to get it up there.

I mentioned NaWriNoMo earlier, and I'm doing it again -- 5th year in a row. So far, I'm only 2 for 4, and I really want to push my average up to .600.

The problem is that I had planned to use October as my planning time -- outline, detailed synopsis, the works. But reviewing Red Ice took up so much of my time, I had only time to create a general outline for the first several chapters, the basics for a series like Outcast Ops, and away I went. I'm making it up as i go along folks, and I'm behind the 8-ball and about 5,000 words behind the word target. I have only a vague idea of the protagonists, a little firmer concept for the bad guys and a general direction to take the story in.

Now, I have surprised myself -- I found myself writing a chapter I didn't have in the first scribbled notes, but I think would look great on the film screen, something that sets the tone for what I want to see. The back-story on the main organization is coming in bits and pieces that are finding homes in the words I write.

That's it for now. I will expand a little more on the story once I actually know where these characters are taking me on this NaWriNoMo ride.

If you want to read African Firestorm, it's on Amazon and is part of the Kindle Direct program. African Firestorm on Amazon! For those in the UK, click here! Again, Red Ice is here:  Outcast Ops: Red Ice on Amazon!. and for those in the UK, It's here!



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