Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Writing Resolutions

I have been less of a writer than I should be.

I went looking on this blog for my 2015 Resolutions....

And found out I hadn't written one.

In fact, between July of 2014 and April of 2015, I didn't write a single blog post. Not a single one!

Now, my blogging has gotten better over the last two years -- average better that 40 posts a year, but still, that's less than once a week. Which leads to the first of a 2016 writing resolutions:

Write more blog posts!

That means, starting today, I will write at least one blog post a week. I aim to post on Mondays for sure, but once a week is firm. If something comes up I want to comment on, or I have a glut of posts waiting to go, I'll post more than once a week. I also intend on expanding the sphere of comments to objects like Book reviews and comments on the industry from my (very limited) viewpoint. The problem is there's a lot of stuff out there, a storm of "how-to" books, blogs, podcasts and websites, and navigating that is going to be tough. But I will try.

So, I start today with this blog (If you've been following me, I have a second blog devoted solely to the Battletech universe and my writing in it.) in really sitting down and writing.

Two Novels!

I unexpectedly found myself as the co-author of two novels in 2015.

The opportunity came out of the blue when Rick Chesler posted on Facebook that he was looking for co-authors for a new series of his. I responded and from that came the two novels in 2015, Outcast Ops: African Firestorm and Outcast Ops: Red Ice. While this was a joint effort, I did learn a lot about writing outside of the box I was in. I learned to research locations, using Google maps to get a feel for places I'd never been to. I learned a few things about my writing I needed to improve on, things I hadn't realized were problems. I also learned to structure my story, and how to insert a few scenes (or a full chapter in Red Ice) that weren't in the original outline. In the end, I have two novels under my belt, and they've been pretty well-liked by readers.

Which means I'm ready to strike out on my own. The Outcast Ops series is on hold for the time being, as Rick has to devote his time to other writing projects. So, It's time for me to go solo.

The two novels I'm targeting for writing this year are The Assassin Prince, a fantasy novel and the first of a series of Techno-thrillers with sci-fi elements, called (Tentatively) Operation Shattered Chains. The Assassin Prince is up first, as the second is right now just a couple of ideas that need to be worked out a bit more before going forward with that.

More Short Stories

Most of my work has been in the area of short stories. With only two Battlecorps stories published in 2015, I need to up my output there. That means finishing Battletech stories and submitting them. I have a number of first-draft or partially written Battlecorps stories, along with a rack of ideas that have yet to make it from my mind to paper. The goal is to see six Battlecops stories for 2016.

I also want to write a few non-Battletech stories and maybe self-publish them up as part of an anthology series. I have several universes fighting for attention in my head, so maybe the best way is to release them in short stories and see if any of them catch fire with readers. Maybe two volumes in 2016? We'll see.....


All the above is pie in the sky unless I actually sit my butt down and write. I'm aiming for 1,000 original words a day, five days a week, so 260,000 words for 2016. The updated word count will be part of this blog starting Monday. That means 1,000 original written words a day -- that won't include rewrites, blog posts, or outline notes --- but a thousand words of a story, short story, novel, whatever.

I will use this blog to keep me motivated and force me to keep at it.


Those co-authored novels I mentioned are on Amazon and are both part of the Kindle Direct program.For African Firestorm go here: Outcast Ops: African Firestorm on Amazon! For those in the United Kingdom, Outcast Ops: African Firestorm on Amazon UK!! For Red Ice: Outcast Ops: Red Ice on Amazon!. and for those in the UK, Outcast Ops: Red Ice on Amazon UK!
So, that's the start of 2016, welcome to a new year!


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