Sunday, January 17, 2016

Me and My Big Mouth

Well, that was one resolution that didn't take long to break....

I've been working hard, getting back into the swing of things and writing. But the reason I've been silent is there are a few things going on behind the scenes and I can't say what. In part, because things are so nebulous right now, there's nothing to report

But I have been writing, and the results of the last two weeks, the massive rewriting of a longer story had been done and needs only a few details before I turn it in. Three shorter stories need to be gone over before I submit them, and two more are being worked on.

The Assassin Prince is still being mulled over when I have the chance to mull, but right now, it's on the back burner and other things have taken president at the moment.

So, while I am writing, things are happening that one day, I may something about, this post is more of a "Hey, I'm still here and still writing!"

So, we'll see where it goes......



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So, that's the start of 2016, welcome to a new year!


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