Saturday, March 4, 2017

OUTCAST Ops: Watchlist is out!

In Kindle format, at any rate....... It went live today, so you can buy it in Kindle format right now!

But we're doing more than that. Sometime soon (with the next could of weeks, I think), you will be able to buy Watchlist in an physical book form! What you see above is the cover for the paperback book version of the cover. Yes!

I've leaned something from each one of these novels I've co-authored, and Watchlist is no different. There's a lot more action and cutting-edge technology in this novel. It's also the longest of the three I've co-authored, a tale that spans two continents and several countries.

Here is the black cover blurb:

A biotechnology conference in Prague is the target of a terrorist attack, and in its aftermath a renowned geneticist lay dying. His last act is to inject a man he has never before met with an experimental substance--artificial DNA that has been encoded with the details of a plot to unleash mass terror on the United States.
Enter OUTCAST (Operational Undertaking To Counteract Active Stateside Threats)--six ex-operatives from six of America’s most powerful organizations. Each has been unceremoniously released by their respective former employer for alleged misdoings that leave their pride wounded but their essential skill-sets untouched. After uniting over their shared bond of dismissal from the nation’s most elite outfits, the disgruntled spooks realize they can work together like never before to take down threats to their beloved country, a country that branded them as outcasts but needs them now more than ever.
As international authorities hunt for the fugitive whose blood carries some of the most sensitive intelligence data on the planet, they get close enough to learn his identity, but the truth rocks the White House to its core. The most wanted individual in the world is none other than OUTCAST leader, Tanner Wilson. One of the only people capable of stopping the looming threat to millions of innocent Americans, Wilson is placed on the terror watchlist, and once again, OUTCAST is hell-bent on showing America that their way isn't the best way--it's the only way.
Watchlist is Book 5 in the OUTCAST Ops series. They can be read in any order. Game of Drones is Book 1. The Poseidon Initiative is Book 2. African Firestorm is Book 3. Red Ice is book 4.
It's $3.99 for the Kindle version, and as soon as we have more news on the paperback, we'll let you know all the details!

As for my other writing, I'm working on another project for the Battletech universe, which has slowed up my work on my novels. I just have to find the right balance, and it helps that Watchlist is now out in the world, so that's one less thing I need to worry about. Managed to get a couple of more chapters outlined on The Assassin Prince before the Battletech project came up.


The writing update:

The Assassin Prince (Fantasy) --- Outline (through Chapter 34)
The Darkness of Shadows (Science Fiction) --- Outline (through Chapter 16) *ON HOLD*
Operation: Broken Chains (Thriller) --- Outline (through Chapter 20) *ON HOLD!*

When I say "Through Chapter X," That means completed chapters. Each of the novels has partially outlined chapters which are not included in the totals above. Any feedback will be welcomed.


All the Outcast Ops novels I co-authored with Rick Chesler are on Amazon and are part of the Kindle Direct program. African Firestorm is here: Outcast Ops: African Firestorm on Amazon! Red Ice is here: Outcast ops: Red Ice on Amazon! And for the new novel you can find it here: Outcast Ops: Watchlist on Amazon

For those in the United Kingdom, Outcast Ops: African Firestorm on Amazon UK!! Red Ice is here: Outcast Ops: Red Ice on Amazon!. and for those in the UK, Outcast Ops: Red Ice on Amazon UK! And the new novel is here: Outcast Ops: Watchlist on Amazon UK!

For anyone else, please check your country's Amazon Website (if there is one).

Also, check out the other Outcast ops novels. Outcast Ops: Game of Drones and Outcast Ops: The Poseidon Initiative.

In addition, Both Red Ice and African Firestorm are audiobooks! If you're member of Audible, you can listen to them free! The audio versions can be found here: Outcast Ops: Red Ice (Audible) and African Firestorm (Audible)  Watchlist is not yet available in an audiobook format, but we hope to start moving in that direction soon.

Please read or listen and leave a review!



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