Monday, January 30, 2017

Back to Work!


I know two post within a few days isn't normal for me, but it's back to working on my own novels while waiting for Outcast Ops: Watchlist to get through the editing pass. I spent the weekend preparing and pitching for a project related to a gaming company. (My other blog covers that side of my writing). So, I'm back to working on outlining my stories....

... If I can find where I stored them.....

I found the outline for The Assassin Prince, but the other two are eluding me at the moment. I'll find them, but for the time being, I'm back to outlining The Assassin Prince.

Its odd, rereading your outline and seeing what threads you need to pick back up and get back into the flow of the story you were telling. I find it gratifying that after not looking at the outline in a few months, how well the story still holds together. In rereading it, I've only had to make a few spelling corrections so far and starting a new chapter to outline. We'll see how it goes....

As I sit here, I'm going to propose a question: what do you want to know about my writing? Comment below and let me know someone is reading this blog! 


The writing update

The Assassin Prince (Fantasy) --- Outline (through Chapter 32)
The Darkness of Shadows (Science Fiction) --- Outline (through Chapter 16) *ON HOLD*
Operation: Broken Chains (Thriller) --- Outline (through Chapter 20) *ON HOLD!*

When I say "Through Chapter X," That means completed chapters. Each of the novels has partially outlined chapters which are not included in the totals above. Any feedback will be welcomed.


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