Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Politics -- Not on this Blog!

After this last week, after what happened in Boston, I wanted to make it clear that this blog will be about my writing only. Real-life politics and religion are not part of my writing life, and thus has no purpose here.

Real-life politics and religion (To seperate them from story poltical and religious subject, which might come up in this column) are very touchy subjects. They are the sole provence of the indiviudal, and discussion about either subject tead to quickly degenderate into vicious verbal attacks and flames as both sides throw themselves into the fight.

I have very strong political views, but this is not the place to espouse them. This blog is about my writing and my journey to be a (hopefully) sucessful writer. To sidetrack it into political debate would be a diservice to anyone who reads this blog. There are plenty of places to vent political opinion, I don't need to do it here, and you don't need to read it.

Like politics, religion is a personal subject and choice. It is not my place to state my views here, because they are mine, crafted through my experences and thoughts. It is a personal journey, only one I can make. They are personal to me, no one else. Looking back over the centuries, wars between people based on religion are very common occurences. It continues today and cannot be willed away.

This is supposed to be a nice blog, with my blogging about writing and the descovery process. I refuse to allow religion and politics to interfere with writing about that journey, and I can do that by keeping both subjects far away from here. This is an oasis for people to come to. I refuse to hit you the reader over the head with my views on these two subjects.

That's all for now....


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  1. I'm interested in adopting your Wind-walker fic. Would you like to see a what I have written? my email is opal.fanfiction@gmail.com