Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Website to visit for the Self-publisher

(I was going to post this yesterday, but in light of what happened in Boston, I thought it best to delay this post by one day.)

Publishing these days is not the same, dreary, years-long odyssey of submit, wait, get a rejection letter ansd resubmit somewhere else. With the appearence of the E-reader and tablet, the surge of self-published cannot be ignored. People who would have been ignore by traditional publishing have taken their novels and short stories to the people directly, in what is become a major part of Publishing.

Below are a trio of websites where you can start learning about this new world.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch  http://kriswrites.com/

Kristine Kathryn Rusch Is a well known writer, editor, and one of the first people who I found on the web talking about the new publishing model. Every Thursday, for the last four years, she has written a column called "The Business Rusch" in which she writes about the business of being an author and the new self publishing business that is coming into being.

Dean Wesley Smith

Dean Wesley Smith is Kris' husband, and an author in his own right. He also is one of the first people I came across talking about the shifting publishing field. As I write this, he is preparing to ghost write a novel for another author and promises to blog about it several tiems a day.

The Book Designer — Practical Advice to Help Self-Publishers Build Better Book.

Writing a story is just the beginning. An Author has to do more in this new world, as they also become the designer of the cover and the formatter of the text. This website is a great place to start leaning about the other steps that an author need to take to give their book the best chance of becoming a book worth buying.

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