Thursday, January 16, 2014

I’m A Packrat (Part 1)

Well, two weeks' posts down......

I admit it, I’m a packrat. I'm not quite a hoarder (Though other people may argue that point), but I do need to clean out the piles every so often.

What does this mean as a writer? It means I have books that I read for pleasure, and a large number of books I use for reference. Books on magic, weapons, martial arts, chess, history, quotes, writing, and science. Books on writing, editing, marketing and the like. I also have a number of Ebooks that expand on those physical books, so I have many reference sources I can get without hopping onto the Internet and getting sidetracked.

I like checking out the discount tables at the local bookstore or supercenters, looking for books on subjects I might need for my future writing. The Internet is fine as a resource, but I prefer using my collection of books as my primary source. They're accessible at any time, and it's a good way to take a break without takng a break.

But there are times I need to go to the ’Net, When I find the page I want, I save it off and put it onto a thumb drive. Then I can read through the article at my leisure, or when I need to refer to it. Looking over my stack of stuff, I see saved webpages like “The Ten Rules of Surveillance Dystopia,” “Chinese Numerals,” “The Geopolitical Powderkegs Most Likely to Start the Next Major War,” and “1,700-year-old Tablet Reveals Ancient Magical Curses.” I have wikipedia entries on a number of subjects, either for stories I have written, for future stories, or because I think I can use it for a story idea.

More on my packrat nature in my next post.


(Edit: I just saved off this webpage: What kind of armor did Medieval women really wear? This is the type of stuff I save off, in case I need it)

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