Thursday, January 23, 2014

Useful websites for writers (January).

As I said in my last two posts, I'm a packrat. But I do have a few places I visit on a regular basis, to check out what other people are saying. I will be sharing these sites on a regular basis (I hope!).

I am more drawn toward self publishing, as today's technology is making it easier for anyone with a story to publish it. Most of the websites I find and follow are self-publishing (Or independent authors is a term that is gaining ground among the people involved.)

I recommend the following four websites for the business end of writing right off the bat. I find these people's advice worth considering, and mostly are reachable, usually through the blog's comments section. They are (in no particular order):

Kristine Kathryn Rusch ( – Author/editor/publisher. She knows the business like few others and every Thursday, her blog, “The Business Rusch,” covers topics in the publishing business that are extensive and well written. I recommend her posts on publishing contracts, agents (and why you must think very carefully about employing one) and the ways the pushing business is handling the sudden changes (Hint: not very well) as must reads. She looks mostly at the business end of writing, and how today’s author can take advantage of it.

Dean Wesley Smith ( – Kristine’s husband and an author in his own right. I recommend both the “Think like a Publisher” and “Killing the Scared Cows of Publishing” series. As a bonus, he's blogging every day about his daily activities and about the amount of writing he’s doing, as an exercise to prove you don’t have to write eight hours a day to make progress.

Joel Friedlander ( — Writing is only half the job. Joel’s website helps with the other half — most on promotion, formatting and book covers. Every month, he has a self-publishing book cover competition where author send in the cover of their book, and Joel comments on the best and worse of the entries. and every weekend, he has a list of links to blog posts his readers find interesting, and a mega list at the end of each month. Highly educational.

Joana Penn ( In addition to her highly informative blog, Joanna has a regular podcast, in which her and a guest will discuss some aspect of the writing life and profession. I have a couple of dozen of her podcasts on my computer (She has over a hundred and fifty of them!) and listen to them when I can.

There are other sites, and I will post a few more at a later time. I am learning things at an incredible rate, and it's hard to keep up with them all. But I will try....



  1. Hello,

    I'm a new writer who is using your Windwalker stories as a practice run for my own writing (I was in love with that universe when I was 12 and it has never left my head) by continuing it. I don't feel comfortable posting my own work and re-posting yours without your permission.

    May I re-post your work (giving full credit or just telling the work is not mine) so my continuation of your series will make sense?

    Thank you,

    Jennifer C.
    AKA Opal Rumours

    1. I have no problem with you reposting my work (with correct attribution) and continuing the story on your own tangent, as I'm sadly not going to be revisiting my Windwaker stories anytime soon. Just note your writing as an alternative SME universe, ad shouldn't be considered canon.

      The only things is, are you including other SME characters created by other authors? If you are, I would, with your permission, run your request by the group and see if there's any reaction. The list has been quiet for some time, but I would prefer to keep them informed.

      Send me a link when you post the stories (Both yours and mine.....)


    2. Yes I am using other SME characters. I would appreciate you running my request by them.