Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Writing Red Ice: Days Thirty through Thirty-Two

A short update tonight -- there was some sad news in the family, which has put a damper on the mood here. An uncle of mine died on Monday, and it's hit the family hard. He was a good man, leaves a wife, a couple of sons and several grandchildren. So, no long rambling post from me tonight.

Two more chapters done, start Chapter 12 tomorrow.....

If you haven't gotten African Firestorm yet, and are a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow it though Kindle Direct. Use this link: African Firestorm on Amazon

Done: Prologue, Chapter 1-11
Words Written the last three days: 1,460
Total Word Count: 20,600 (31.69% of 65,000 words)
Average Words Written per day: 644/day



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