Saturday, June 6, 2015

Writing Red Ice: Days Twenty-Four through Twenty-Nine

Well, progress is still being made, though not as fast as I want.  Real life keeps getting in the way, so it's not as consistent as I want it to be.

Still, finished up a couple of chapter and most of a third, so it's still going. Batted a couple of ideas around for a cover with Rick Chesler, but I'm not worried about that now. Been finding locations for different scenes via Google maps, so, I'm doing all right.

And if you haven't gotten African Firestorm yet, and are a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow it though Kindle Direct! Use this link! African Firestorm on Amazon!

Short entry tonight. Time for bed!

Done: Prologue, Chapter 1-9, 90% of Chapter 10
Words Written the last five days: 3,550
Total Word Count: 19,140 (29.45% of 65,000 words)
Average Words Written per day: 660/day



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