Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bad Week

I wish I had a bunch of good news telling what I was doing writing-wise, but we found out that a family member has became incapacitated Sunday afternoon, and that has thrown out most of my writing time the last several days. It's also thrown my blog writing out the window, which is why this is two days late this week. I won't say much more about the situation, only to add that my family is focusing on the family member above anything else.

What little time I have managed to write has allowed me to forget about the situation and managed to make small gains across the board, But it will be a couple of days before I can really crack down on the writing. But when I do get the chance, I will take and run as much as I can. What writing I have managed to do is going well and I hope to get a major jump on it this weekend.

Also, I will mention that the first OUTCAST Ops novel is out!

This is the series that African Firestorm will be part of. Pick up a copy and see what you think!

Now, I need to go do some writing....


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