Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Late (and Short) Update

I know this blog entry is late AGAIN. Sometimes it isn't easy to come up with something.  I need to dig into my stack of saved web pages and see if I can find anything useful among them.

African Firestorm is still going through the outline stage and is into Chapter 41, but I'm at the point that I'm working out the steps in a gun battle, and I can't find any good deck plans of a container ship (Were said gun battle is taking place), so I don't know how one of these ships is laid out. If anyone knows of such plans on-line, or has access to a set of Deck plans of a large container ship in an electronic form, I would be most grateful.

Got a first glimpse of the first Outcast Ops novel draft, Game of Drones. I need to sit down and read through it, but from what little I've read, this s going to be an interesting series to write for. If anyone wants to kept in the lop abut the series, and get links to some interesting articles that kind of set the stage for the series, you can follow @OutcastOps.

The Battletech writing is going well, and I finished that additional writing for the Valiant RPG and turned that in. So things are going okay so far.



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